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  • Dark Comedy Tour in Keswick

    This Friday night at Stephen Leacock Theatre the Dark Comedy Tour is rolling in w/ Rob Mailloux Jake Leland Ben…

    by Tyler Morrison
  • Ron Jeremy Roast

    Just confirmed I will be on The Celebrity Roast of Ron Jeremy November 5th @DarkComedyFest ! Get Tickets Here

    by Tyler Morrison
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    Another great review!

    “Rob Mailloux, Peter Anthony, Richie Redding and Tyler Morrison soldiered through and earned a few laughs thanks to a combination of masochism, professionalism and solid material.”

    –¬†Glen Sumi Now Magazine

    by Tyler Morrison
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    “Armed and Hammered” Album Available Now!

    Purchase the “Armed and Hammered” Album here!

    by Tyler Morrison
  • Interview w/ Ted Jessop

    by Tyler Morrison